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Find out more about the problems of CAFTA; Use this leaflet to educate others on why we oppose it (pdf, 60k, requires Adobe Acrobat to open)

Statement of the Delegation of Bishops from the Andean Region on Free Trade between the United States and the Andean countries

CAFTA Protesters Face Violence in Guatemala
Call or Fax the Guatemalan Embassy now! Protesters in Guatemala face Brutal Repression During Protests Against CAFTA (Posted March 16, 2005)

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) called off the Taco Bell boycott!
Just as the 2005 Taco Bell Truth tour was arriving in Louisville , Kentucky , home of Taco Bell's parent company. They've won EVERY demand made as a requirement for ending the boycott campaign, with a legally-binding document signed by Taco Bell. (Posted March 16, 2005)

Haiti Action Alert! Call Levi's, Protest Its Labor Abuses In Haiti!
Workers at the CODEVI factory in Haiti just recently reached an agreement with Grupo M who own the factory. However, Levi's is refusing to increase orders now that there has been a resolution-something that the union (SOCOWA) has been pushing them to do even before workers reached an agreement. (Posted March 26, 2005)

Support Colombian Labor Leader! Ask for Protection for Miguel Fernandez
Miguel Fernandez, a former participant of the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center 's protection program, is being threatened and needs immediate international support from activists in the U.S to ensure his safety. (Posted March 26, 2005)

Union Struggle at Lajat Factory: Contact Levi's to insist on the workers' right to organize!
An independent union created at the Lajat factory, located in Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico, has suffered severe reprisals from factory management, including the firing of eight union-affiliated workers. Show your solidarity for the workers and their right to freedom of association! (Posted March 26, 2005)

Corporations Target Flower Workers' Union!
Splendor Flowers and Dole Try to Prevent Workers from Unionizing in Colombia: write a letter today! (Posted March 6, 2005)

U.S. Labor Delegation in Solidarity with Colombian Workers
Celebrate May Day in Colombia! April 29- May 7, 2005 (Posted March 6, 2005)

Victory at Nicotex! Show your support by sending a Valentine!
Five fired union leaders from the Nicotex factory in Sébaco, Nicaragua, which supplies Gildan Activewear, have reached an agreement with management and are set to be reinstated at the factory, starting Valentine's Day, February 14. (Posted Feb. 17, 2005)

STITCH Language School Delegation
Resisting the Politics of Free Trade: Women Organizing for Labor Justice. STITCH Women's Language School Delegation, May 28 - June 4, 2005, Guatemala 

Join the Rapid Action Network
Be a First Responder for workers facing illegal firing or physical threats and violence. (Updated May 22, 2004)

CLR February 2005 Index
The CLR Index is your comprehensive source for labor rights news, action alerts, resources, and more.

Second National SweatFree Communities Conference
Denver, Colorado -- May 6-8, 2005

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